List of the Drumming circles

Drumming circle in the Kothe

In a shamanic drumming group we consolidate with like-minded people,
our connection to the helping spirits.
We practice shamanic techniques and celebrate shamanic rituals.

Drum groups offer the opportunity to strengthen our connection to our helping spirits.

As with all contacts and practices, it is important to cultivate them in shamanism.
We strengthen and nurture the connection with our helpers in dance, in merging with them.
Our shamanic practice, the ability to change our state of consciousness,
We build up our personal power through our practice, by going into a trance.
Most of the shamanic tasks have to be carried out alone or in cooperation.
be managed with a client.

The shaman is not a loner

Nevertheless, there are many things that we can and should do together with others.
Shamanism in the small or large group gives us the advantage,
that we can exchange with others, the power of a circle and
have the inspirational effect of a group.

In drum groups we can consolidate what we have experienced and explore new things with like-minded people.
Whether we want to do something for the world, for nature or for someone we know,
in a circle it becomes more powerful and effective.

Start a drum circle

In order to establish a drum circle, you first need a room in which you can drum undisturbed.
Undisturbed from external influences, but also without disturbing others.

The costs incurred can usually be passed on well to the whole group.
Many use "paying too much" at the end of the year to celebrate together,
to support charitable work or for the common annual festivities.

Announcing a new drum circle

We are happy about all the newly founded drumming circles and wish that in the future every
shamanic practitioner can visit one in his vicinity.
All drum circles are listed here, in the drum circle list, and when new ones are founded, they are listed on
The dates will be announced separately on our website and in the current mailing.

...further information on the topic of the drum circle can also be found in the mailing 1/ 2015 - here is the download link to the PDF.

Postcode/City Dates Contact Others
04227 Leipzig every second Wednesday/ month

Zschochersche Straße

31515 Wunstorf
(Hannover Region)

every third Thursday/ month Contribution towards expenses € 5.00 - 10.00
34289 Zierenberg every first Wednesday/ month at 7 pm At the Helfensteinen fireplace and own room available
35075 Friebertshausen every 5 weeks Fridays 10,- € contribution towards expenses
35094 Marburg At 19:00, always 1x monthly by arrangement 10,- € contribution towards expenses
35638 Leun

28.4.2023 and 26.5.2023, both Fridays at 19:00 Dorotheenhof near Leun - Lahnbahnhof
45770 Marl one Friday/ month by arrangement
56477 Rennerod In 2022: 12.01.; 09.03.; 11.05.; 13.07.; 14.09.; 09.11.; each at 19:00 hrs. or 5,00€ Energy balancing
58644 Iserlohn every 3rd Saturday

Fon: 0170 7011028 or

15,00€ Contribution towards expenses

60385 Frankfurt/Bornheim Tuesdays 18:30 every 4 weeks 15,00€ Contribution towards expenses
Frankfurt/Nordend Open shamanic evening (also for interested newcomers) on 12 July Frankfurt 18:30

€ 35, € 25 for early bookers until 16 June

86179 Augsburg-Haunstetten Every first and third Friday of the month, 10 a.m. or 6.30 p.m. 0176/54612443 Contribution towards expenses € 10