Schamanismus e.V.

Shamanism - Shaman drumming in the steppe

Shamanism is the oldest and most widespread method of experiencing healing and support worldwide.
Widespread throughout the world, its traces can be found in all religions and societies,
date back up to 40,000 years to the Stone Age.

Our association advocates a better way for people to deal with themselves and the world and
has found a way to realise this in shamanism.
We build on a more comprehensive understanding and, through the shamanic work, on a
emerging, "expanded being human".

The Schamanismus e.V. organises, with the help of its lecturers, numerous seminars around shamanism.
to make it accessible and tangible for all.
On our website "", interested people can find seminars for beginners and advanced students,
Workshops on how to build a shaman drum, interesting articles on the topic, a small shop and
a download area for much that the shamanic practitioner may need.

Shamanism encompasses much more than is tangible and cannot be grasped purely intellectually.
It is also not a matter of faith but of experience and knowledge.
A rapprochement can only be achieved through doing.
Shamanism wants to be experienced.

See our Questions and Answers page for more on shamanism, spirits, power animals and shamans.


Basic Workshop Shamanism


Seminars with completed basic seminar

Shamanism & Spirits of Nature

Wilhelmsteine – Naturgeister_klein

Spirits of nature intensive

Natur Intensiv 03

Diagnosis & Healing

Diagnose & Heilen

Soul & Healing


Initiation, Life & Death


Images & Tools

Bilder & Werkzeuge


Mondfeuer-Schamanin trommelt im Wald

Ancestor power


Seminars without completed basic seminar



Drum building


Primordial natural medicine


other workshops

Citrin Kristall

Lecturer of the Schamanismus e.V.

Olaf Bernhardt

Lea Bernhardt

Katja Reimann

Heiko Sippenauer

Klemens Schmelter

Heiko Munz - Guest-faculty

Kai Uwe Faust

Isabella Streich

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