Nordic Basic Seminar Extreme

with Kai Uwe Faust and Isabelle Streich

The beginners' seminar for the shamanic path

The basic seminar teaches the fundamental requirements for the appliance of shamanic techniques.
These include contact with one's own allies (the helping spirits) and the shamanic journey.
In addition to the basic requirements, other techniques that are useful for getting started,
will be practised during this seminar.

This beginners seminar is therefore a prerequisite for all further seminars,
apart from the drum building workshop.

The basic seminar lasts two days and has so far been offered in Germany
in Dortmund, Hanover, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt, Gießen, Hamburg, Kassel,
Limburg, Wetzlar, Magdeburg, Paderborn and Würzburg.

Seminar Description

Shamanism is the oldest method of attaining health and knowledge.

Proven and tested for a long time, shamans work in many parts of the world even to this day.
Shamans are the mediators between this world and the afterworld.
In their work with the spirits they find what was believed to be lost
and are guides into the world beyond.

They are birth helpers, mediators between the worlds, advisors and healers.
There is a natural relationship between the spirits and us humans, a deep connectedness.
This connectedness has at least existed since our birth.
This is why the rediscovered contact, especially with the power animal,
is a "reunion" for many.
Most people are not aware of them, although they have been with us since our birth.

The foundation of all shamanic work is the conscious contact to one's own guardian spirits.
The shaman can be connected to many different spirits
to be entrusted with many different tasks.

Everyone who practices shamanism to help others will attract more helpers and more strength.
The reason for this lies in the nature of the spirits, their desire to help.

Seminar Content

Spirits and our connection to them are a main focus of this seminar.
We renew and expand our contact with our allied helping spirits.
We learn more about being in contact with power animal and teacher,
whether as a companion in our lives or as a shamanic practitioner.
Shamanic work is based on the equal cooperation between human and spirit.
Another focus of the basic seminar is the world beyond ours.
The non-ordinary world, where we meet these spirits.

We learn how to get there and which worlds/levels we can find there.
In addition, we will deal with first shamanic (healing-)methods and the work with clients.

On the first day (Friday) in the introductions, we will also learn about:
-What is Core Shamanism?

-Nordic Shamanism: wishful thinking or historical reality?

-Can an ancient spirituality be lived today?

-Did the Vikings practice shamanism?

-How relevant is symbolism in this context?

Some practical information:

Dates: 23 bis 25 Juni and 28-30 Juni

10 participants

Price: 800 euro (Food, accommodation and local transportation included)

Teaching language: English

Where? On our farm in Åsenfjord, Norway - 30 min north of the Værnes Airport Trondheim.

Location: Åsen BlackBox / Forest

Accommodation: Outdoor, forest/camp

Food/Drinks: Vegan, fish. No alcohol

Participants should not expect the same comforts as in their everyday reality!
We might even get the opportunity to meet large teacher animals such as the eagle or the elk.
This workshop is not suited for those who don’t like wild nature.

Want to join?

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Your name, age and country of residence
Your motivation for joining the workshop


Seminar Termin Ort Leiter
Nordic Basic Seminar Extreme 23.06. to 25.06.2023 Trondheim - Norway Kai Uwe Faust and Isabelle Streich
Nordic Basic Seminar Extreme 28.06. to 30.06.2023 Trondheim - Norway Kai Uwe Faust and Isabelle Streich


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