Administrative, discount and repetition

Locations of our seminars

Basic Workshop

To make it easier for all interested parties to get started, we are here with our
The first basic and beginner seminars were held in the cities and urban centres.
This shortens travel times and saves overnight accommodation costs.

Seminars for advanced students

Our advanced seminars, with the exception of Nature Spirits Intensive (seminar abroad) and Ancestral Power (with Katja Reimann), take place in the yurt on the association grounds of Shamanismus e.V. in 35633 Lahnau.

View from above of the association grounds of Schamanismus e.V., around give of forest.

Club grounds Schamanismus e.V. in 35633 Lahnau

Accommodation options

exist in the hotel/ holiday flat, in the Yogahaus Waldgirmes or in the tent on the grounds.


Das kleine Hotel Lahnau
Rodheimer Straße 50a
35633 Lahnau-Waldgirmes
Telefon: +49 (0)6441 444060

Holiday Apartment

The holiday flat has three sleeping places (DB and sofa bed) and is booked through Schamanismus e.V..
Cost: 25€ person/night.

Yogahouse Waldgirmes

In the yoga house there are two double rooms, one four-bed room and a group dormitory.
Two toilets and one bathroom.


20 € per night
By the way:
Bed linen and sleeping clothes and towels are on site!
Beds in double rooms, and a group dormitory.

Overnight stay in car/ camper van

There are parking spaces at the "Waldkindergarten Lahnau" car park, from here it is a short walk through the forest to the yurt site...
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Overnight stay on the club grounds

- Sleeping in your own tent
- Sleeping in the group tent
- Sleeping in rental tents Small (1 to 2 persons)
- Sleeping in the room "Bee House" (2 person double bed)

There are three showers and three toilets on the premises.

Your contribution per night:
- Own tent € 10
- Rental tent 15 €
- Bee house 20 €


Lunch and dinner are compulsory for all participants and will be served at the food platform, on the club grounds.

Breakfast is booked separately (it is also possible to have breakfast at the booked hotel or at home).


All listed accommodation options are within easy walking distance of the seminar venue.
Das kleine Hotel Waldgirmes - approx. 18 minutes walk
Yogahaus Waldgirmes - approx. 20 minutes on foot
"Waldkindergarten Lahnau" - approx. 15 minutes on foot

The association Schamanismus e.V.

One of the tasks our association has set itself is the revival of shamanism.

Our connection to the spirits has existed at least since our birth.
The "guardian angel" or the power animal has accompanied us since that time,
but mostly this connection is forgotten.

About access to the spirits, which was once a very natural part of life for everyone,
again for many, we would like to make our seminars accessible to all.

Seminars attended elsewhere

For example, a basic seminar attended elsewhere, because the basic seminar is a prerequisite for
participation in the advanced seminars, not an obstacle to the
Attending an advanced seminar with us.

Not everyone can afford to attend a seminar, we know this from our own experience and
therefore have an open ear for this problem.

For this reason, we have come up with discounts for all seminars,
which also makes it possible for schoolchildren, students, trainees and interested parties with smaller wallets
enable you to follow your path.

Please contact us!

what else ?

After completing one and all of the seminars, many participants reach the point of
because they do not know how to go on alone.

Of course, it is something completely different with a group in a powerful place in nature
than working alone at home.

For this reason, we try to initiate and encourage the formation of drum groups.

In addition, for all those who do not have the opportunity to participate in a drum group, we have a drum group,
designed a discount for the seminars already attended.

This gives you the opportunity to repeat individual seminars.
In return, we only charge half of the normal seminar fees.
The seminar fees are waived for a third visit to the same seminar.
whole (or according to self-assessment-donation for the association).

Exceptions are our seminars abroad (Nature Spirits Intensive in Norway and Romania),
the teacher training and drum building.

Early booking and low income discount

Upon receipt of payment on the account of the association, up to four weeks before
seminar date, save 20 Eur seminar fee!

Of course, there are also discounts for students, pupils and low-income earners.
This means that our basic seminar costs 100,00€ and the advanced seminars 200,00€.
Exceptions are the teacher training and the seminars abroad.

There is also the possibility to pay for the seminars with your own labour for our clubhouse.
This mostly involves gardening, as we have a lot of garden at the clubhouse.

The individual discounts cannot be combined - only one discount applies at a time!