Diagnosis and healing from a shamanic perspective

Detect, locate and remove "intruders", New helpers and ancient shamanic healing techniques

Shamanism is the cooperation between human and spirit.
Whereby the shaman transfers the information of the spirits into our world and applies it.

The spirits know about the suffering in this world and offer us solutions, healing and insight.
The energy system that is closed in a healthy person is permeable in a sick person.

This allows harmful influences to penetrate and cause diseases.
These intruders must be found and removed.

To prevent re-invasion by pathogens,
every energy system must be closed and strengthened.

Seminar Contents

Diagnosis and healing - Healer palpates clients

The seminar Diagnosis and Healing deals with healing techniques in shamanism.

Role reversal - the shaman becomes client.
Different types of diagnosis - detecting intruders.
Extraction - some methods to remove invaders.
Applications to stabilise and strengthen the energy system.
Allies from the middle world - new helpers from the plant kingdom.
Healing and ethics from a shamanic perspective.
The cornerstones of shamanic treatment.
The power of helpers - tools for shamanic work with clients.
What about the client?

In many cultures, diseases are regarded as "intrusions" into the organism.
The shaman's task is to recognise these intruders,
to localise and remove, to "extract".

Special emphasis is placed on good contact with the instances of non-ordinary reality.
The shaman also finds this in the nature of the middle world, which is the non-ordinary aspect of the world we live in.

Other shamanic healing techniques are discussed and practised in detail.
Through this, all participants learn comprehensive techniques of recognising and dealing with the pathogenic influences.
Like all seminars, this one is also practically oriented, so that each participant experiences
as a client and as a shamanic practitioner.

Location: 35633 Lahnau
Costs: 250,00 € (early booker 230,00 €)
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Workshop dates

Workshop Date Location Teacher
Diagnosis & Healing 23. bis 25.06.2023 35633-Lahnau Olaf Bernhardt


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