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Shamanism - what is it?

Shamanism is the oldest and most widespread method of healing and support in the world.
The "shaman" steps thereby, by means of an altered state of consciousness,
in contact with his allied helping and protecting spirits.

Widespread worldwide, shamanic traces can be found in all religions and societies.
They date back up to 40,000 years to the Stone Age.

Older than all religions, shamanism and shamans have persisted to this day, and
are attracting a great deal of interest, especially nowadays, in the search for alternatives.

How to become a shaman?

The basic prerequisite for a shaman is the conscious contact with his spirits.
To do this, he must be able to willingly change his state of consciousness in order to build a bridge between the two.
invisible and visible reality.

Thus the shaman is usually initiated by his spirits, called by them.
This usually happens through a major crisis, in the life of the chosen one.
He is stricken with a serious illness and meets his spirits in a fever.

Perhaps hunger and thirst led to an altered state in which he meets his spirits.
Or an accident, with near-death experience, made him see his spirits.
These are just examples.
There are many possibilities for a crisis that can lead to contact with the spirits.
Often it is also a calling through "inner urge" that leads the seeker to other shamans,
to be initiated by them.

It is not unusual to find prenatal vocations,
which are discovered on the basis of "peculiarities" in the child.

What does a shaman do?

The shaman is a border crosser, wanderer and mediator between the worlds.
His main tasks are healing and counselling.
But his tasks also include those of the storyteller, the obstetrician,
of the Master of Ceremonies, the Prophet, and the death attendant.

What is the purpose of rituals and ceremonies?

Rituals and ceremonies do not only serve the social fabric.
Much more important are their familiar and awareness-raising functions.
Mostly, changes take place silently or only internally.
As a result, only a small part of our being becomes aware of this change.
As a result, other parts of the human being have not internalised a loss or something similar and
carry them around for years or even decades.
Ritual transitions mean that such changes are not only to our being,
become aware of it as a whole. They do it to everyone else too,
who need to know (spirits, family, society).

What is a shamanic journey?

Shamanic cosmology usually recognises three worlds, which are
additionally subdivided into several levels.
The designation of these worlds results from their properties,
by the entities that are there and/or simply their location.
These are often referred to as the "lower world", the "middle world" and the "upper world".
During the shamanic journey, the shaman willingly enters into another
state of consciousness to travel with his soul into these worlds.
Just as the soul of man, after his death, leaves the body,
to travel to the world beyond.
On these journeys, the shaman, with the support of his spirits, tries to..,
Finding solutions to problems, lost things and healing.

Interesting facts about power animals and spirits?

The spirits are the equal helpers of the shaman.
The connection between human and spirit is part of being human.
The spirits or the guardian spirit (nord. Fylgja) accompany the human being from birth.
They often appear to him in childhood. Mostly in dreams, but also as an invisible playmate.
Most often these appear in animal form, which is why they are called "power animals".
Not infrequently, the type of animal provides information about certain traits that are important for the person in question.
Due to the diverse and demanding tasks,
the shaman is accompanied and supported by many power animals.

Is there any training to become a shaman?

There can actually be no training to become a shaman,
as his abilities do not depend on him alone.
Part of his power comes from himself, another part from his spirits and
the third from his connection to them.
After contact has been made with the spirits, training is provided by
determines the spirits in cooperation with the human being.

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