Initiation, life and death

Initiation, Life and Death - Paintings - Flight through the Tunnel of Light

The shaman as a border crosser

The seminar Initiation, Life and Death is specifically aimed at those who understand the processes around the transitions
want to better understand life.
Those who wish to help people confronted with death and have their own profound
want to gain insights into dying and the afterlife.

The shaman knows these realms, he is the border crosser.

"What happens to us, after death"?
"Where do we go"?
"Is there anything after we have left our body behind "?

Questions that people have been asking themselves for a very long time.
The shamans are no exception.
They too asked themselves these questions and set out on a journey to find out.

But also other, for the living, important questions.

"Where is he/she now"?
"Can I say something else"?
"How are they doing where they are now?"

The shaman is a seeker, he is in search of power, knowledge and help.
In doing so, he transgresses again and again, the natural and the set by us,
Boundaries of Being and Perception.

"I am a wanderer, I walk and interpret all the world, especially since that which is shows no face,
and that which quickly recedes brings time to twilight".

Seminar Contents

The shaman as a border crosser, end-of-life care,
Work with mourners, ancestral contacts and soul guidance.

We will explore the cosmology of that land of no return and expand our borders. Tracing the contradiction between the holy ancestor and the dreaded ghost and revenant. We learn how we can guide the souls of the deceased into the worlds beyond. End-of-life care and working with mourners is another part of the seminar; Ancestral contacts and rituals can be of great help to the shaman. As with all other seminars, this one is based on personal experience; we will work in groups of two, but also work and learn as a whole circle. This seminar goes very deep and includes many initiatic moments for the shamanic practitioner.

Location: 35633 Lahnau
Costs: 250,00 € (early booker 230,00 €)
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Workshop dates

Workshop Date Location Teacher
Initiation, life and death 20. to 22.10.2023 35633-Lahnau Olaf Bernhardt


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