Moonfire_women at the lake, at sunset

A journey to the aspects of female shamanism.

The shamanic journey to the cycles of life from the perspective of the feminine forces. Moonfire is an advanced seminar for all women who wish to access their mysteries, approaches, methods and tasks.

The themes of the female forces are manifold. As beneficial as it is destructive,
as poetic as it is tacit, as earthy as it is spherical.

Women carry these aspects more clearly than men, inspiring the feminine power of the
man and carries the little magic from birth.

What aspects do the (original) cultures of the world live?
How are the cycles of life described?
And how do I get access?
Who is there to help me and what questions do I have to ask?
to explore the depth of femininity even more?
What is there to revive, to live anew - to share?

The cyclical being of the girl, the woman and mother and the old sages are mirrored
in the image of the three Norns.
Weavers of destiny - paths to transformation lead through them, through the elemental power of the feminine.
For thousands of years, they have enabled women to control the destinies of those entrusted to their care.
to look, to turn, to carry.

Seminar Contents

Devotion & Ecstasy

Shamanism is devotion to ecstasy, to this inner feeling of letting go,
a self-realisation, an opening towards all directions and paths.

What methods of ecstasy are given to us, which have been handed down, how do they feel?

In this seminar you will be able to draw from the extensive sources.
Feel and experience the possibilities of ecstasy and devotion.
On the basis of the old, we also want to ask for the new.
Whether with sound, smell and taste or movement.
We have help through our spirits and helping beings.

Wisdom & Advice

In this way, the shamanic practitioner becomes a fence rider, a wise woman who is a channel for otherworldly forces.
and guided all the hardships, questions and ceremonies of life.

In this way, you yourself become an advisor for your circle, a wise woman who includes everything and
Cultivating health and connectedness.
This is how Mother Earth is lived, loved and felt.

Attention: The night of the seminar - Saturday to Sunday will be worked through very long (open end).

Location: 35633 Lahnau/ Waldgirmes
Costs: 250,00 € (early booker 230,00 €)
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Workshop dates

Workshop Date Location Teacher
Moonfire 01. (Evening) to 03. September 2023 35633 Lahnau Lea Bernhardt


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