Shamanism & Spirits of Nature

At the seminar Shamanism and Nature Spirits we try to find new and deeper levels and access to the forces and entities of nature.

First and foremost is the work with the numerous nature spirits,
which we can meet in our world, the middle world.

The shamans place great value on the spirits of nature, as we share a home with them.
So it is not surprising that shamans, since time immemorial, have provided support and power to the
sought and found in the spirits of nature.

Many of these spirits give them insights into deeper connections and help with the shamanic (healing) work.

Seminar Contents

Nature spirits - wooden stake decorated with animal bones

Participants learn more about dealing with power places,
to recognise and assess them.

We learn more about the value of shamanic rituals and how to create and perform them and what to consider.

Force objects and other representational allies that the knower uses in his work,
are of great importance in shamanic work.
They provide the shaman with strength, support and/or protection.
At this seminar we learn more about dealing with objects of power, we explore your abilities, ask why you have come to us and what we,
when working with you.

In this context, the shamanic work at the seminar also includes the cleansing and
Healing of developed and undeveloped places.

Location: 35633 Lahnau
Costs: 250,00 € (early booker 230,00 €)
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Workshop dates

Workshop Date Location Teacher
Spirits of nature 27. bis 29.05.2023 35633-Lahnau Olaf Bernhardt


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